4 tips to make SEO work for your ecommerce site

Making the most of SEO requires thinking like your customers. It’s a long-term investment that pays off if you focus on delivering an efficient purchasing process. In today’s video, Sylvain VIDAL, COO of PrestaShop partner agency SEO.FR, breaks down SEO for ecommerce into four simple steps. Follow them carefully and Continue Reading

DMA Locker 4.0: The Next Threat to Healthcare?

Lately, healthcare has been making headlines due to an onslaught of ransomware attacks from viruses like TeslaCrypt and CryptoWall. As a result of many lucrative successes in extorting ransom payments, the industry has been rightly named the number one target of cyber criminals by several research groups. And it doesn’t seem Continue Reading

Webuzo 2.4.5 Released

Hi, The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.4.5. This version introduces some minor improvements and fixes. The following is a list of all changes : 1) [Feature] Added a “Don’t Prefill Password fields” setting in the Admin panel which will leave the password fields empty on Edit Installation page. Users Continue Reading

Bayrob – An Ancient Evil Awakens

While ransomware has attracted much attention from security researchers lately, other malware hasn’t stopped. They are quietly seizing their own place in the attack market.  This article analyses one of them – “Bayrob”.  Our analysis is based on a new variant of Bayrob. We will discuss its background and describe Continue Reading

Moving forward with PowerShell and Windows Server 2016

This post was authored by Keith Bankston, Senior Program Manager, Windows Server. Jeffrey Snover talked about the various eras for Windows Server in his recent blog titled, Ten reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016 #10: Nano Server, adding that Windows Server 2016 represents the next era of Windows Server computing Continue Reading

Securing privileged access: Preventing and detecting attacks

This post was authored by Nir Ben Zvi, Principal Program Manager, Windows Server. Introduction: Why is it important to secure privileged access? The threat environment has continued to reinforce that identity is a primary security boundary. When examining major cyber-attacks that occurred over the last several years, one can notice Continue Reading

Cerber Ransomware Marks Its Presence in the Wild, Catches up with CryptoWall and Locky

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  • May 28, 2016
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FortiGuard Labs uses the data it gathers from its over 2 million security sensors to keep an eye on trends related to ransomware–one of the areas of greatest concern when it comes to cyber security threats today.As a result of this effort, we previously talked about Locky’s rapid rise in prevalence in Continue Reading

Hello, my name is Carl, and it has been 0 days since I was last pwned.

There I said it. Working in the security industry, it can sometime be embarrassing to admit our failings, but in this case it is cathartic.  I just received notification from the excellent HaveIBeenPwned service run by @TroyHunt that my LinkedIn password has been compromised.  I am in good company though.  Continue Reading

Securing Business-to-Business Environments

Business to Business, or B2B networks are pervasive within Financial Services network environments. They are also highly vulnerable to attack.  One reason is that these networks are often woefully unprotected. Some organizations have implemented simple firewall capabilities into these B2B networks, and most have VPNs. But because performance is paramount, Continue Reading

Interoperability is the Key to Successful SDN/NFV Implementations

The key to success in the emerging world of white box hardware, SDN, NFV, NFV Orchestrators (NFVO), and Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) is interoperability.  The promise of a new kind of network – easy to provision, flexible, easy to automate, and most critically, a source of new value-added functions is dependent Continue Reading