HTTP/2 Server Push with multiple assets per Link header

In April we announced that we had added experimental support for HTTP/2 Server Push to all CloudFlare web sites. We did this so that our customers could iterate on this new functionality. CC BY 2.0 image by Our implementation of Server Push made use of the HTTP Link header Continue Reading

May 2, 2016 Security Release Post-Mortem

On May 2, 2016, we released a major security update, primarily to fix a critical security issue that allowed a user to gain administrative access via the “impersonate” feature. Now that some time has passed and most of our users have had sufficient time to upgrade, we’d like to reflect Continue Reading

6 Outdated Designs You Need to Remove At Once from your Website

Back in the day, websites captured users’ attention by using cool animation and effects. It’s 2017, and these tricks don’t work anymore. The users of today are web-savvy and have a short attention span due to their fast-paced lives. So, you’ve got a mere 15 seconds to grab their interest Continue Reading

CubeCart 6.0.12 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of CubeCart version 6.0.12. What’s new? 37 issues resolved Increased minimum PHP version to 5.4 and MySQL to 5.5.  Improved upgrade reliability for v3 & v4 image galleries. Dashboard exposure to recent marketplace extensions. Help menu access to technical support and community forums.  Download: Continue Reading

Attract clients when launching an online business: Interview wth Rachel Bouchon of

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  • June 28, 2016
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Rachel Bouchon turned her experience in the lingerie industry into a successful online business: is an innovative company that takes the challenge out of buying lingerie as a gift or as a personal treat. In today’s interview, Rachel shares her advice for laying the groundwork for a successful website Continue Reading

Industries Perspective: Should the Internet be Treated Like Water – as a Utility?

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  • June 25, 2016
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Internet use is ubiquitous in the age of IoT. The role of and access to the Internet in our lives is top of mind. Tyson Macaulay shares some thoughts given the recent government ruling around net neutrality. Q: The government’s recent ruling on net neutrality affirms that broadband Internet should Continue Reading

Security news – Zimbra ransomware written in python

Lawrence Abrams of Bleeping Computer has reported that there is a new ransomware variant, written in Python, that is targeting ZCS server data under /opt/zimbra/store/. How can you protect your Server/s from this, or other, ransomware? At this point, no details have been provided about how any servers were compromised. Without any details, the best advice we Continue Reading

Annual FiRST Conference Wrap-up

The 28th FiRST security event was held in “the land of morning calm’s” capital, Seoul this past June 12-17, 2016. This is the yearly conference for all CERT and CSIRT teams to gather to share ideas and feedback of their work.  This year the FiRST event again successfully brought together Continue Reading

The Curious Case of an Unknown Trojan Targeting German-Speaking Users

Last week, an unidentified malware (with SHA-256 171693ab13668c6004a1e08b83c9877a55f150aaa6d8a624c3f8ffc712b22f0b) was discovered and circulated on Twitter by researcher @JAMES_MHT. Many researchers – including us – were unable to identify the malware so we decided to dig a bit further. In this post, we will share our findings about this malware: its targets, Continue Reading

Collabora Online for ownCloud Enterprise immediately available

by Holger Dyroff posted on Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 posted in General Collabora Online for ownCloud Enterprise immediately available Back in December Collabora joined our Community efforts by offering LibreOffice, collaborative editing in our Community Edition. Now we are excited to announce that it is also now available in our Continue Reading