The Best of Both Worlds – How Fortinet is Securing Your Data Center

With each passing day, enterprise networks are evolving. It started with the advent of virtualization, when companies realized that they don’t need a single server per application. Ever since, there has been a consistent march towards the purely virtual data center. While networks are evolving, so are the threats they Continue Reading

Innovation Insights: Filling IoT Connectivity and Security Gaps

We’ve all heard about the growing proliferation of IoT devices. They are a critical component of the new digital economy, collecting and sharing information about a myriad of things – from smart appliances, irrigation systems, and shipping containers, to wireless energy meters, and mobile healthcare devices. The information they collect Continue Reading

German Speakers Targeted by SPAM Leading to Ozone RAT

Remote Administration Tools (RAT) have been around for a long time. They provide users and administrators with the convenience of being able to take full control of their systems without needing to be physically in front of a device. In this age of global operations, that’s a huge deal. From Continue Reading

Starting an Online Business: 4 awesome eCommerce ideas to find your niche

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  • August 30, 2016
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Finding a unique niche to create a strong eCommerce brand identity is becoming increasingly difficult.We take a look at a range of original brand concepts that shine.Think product traceability by revisiting traditional flower delivery with Blooms online store, or how about Ahlavache?The online butcher offering meat delivery sourced directly from Continue Reading

Pokémon Go Accounts Targeted by Bogus Pokémon Go Bot

Pokémon Go’s rapid rise in popularity has attracted cybercriminals to leverage its hype for their malicious intents. So far, we have seen backdoored Pokémon Go apps, lockscreen apps, scareware apps, SMS spam, as well as Windows ransomware. This time we have seen a new attack that takes aim at Pokémon Go Continue Reading

Announcing the new VMware migration offer for Windows Server 2016

With the launch of Windows Server 2016, customers have more reasons than ever to switch from VMware to Microsoft. We want to make it an easy decision for VMware customers to switch to Hyper-V, so today we are announcing a new VMware migration offer. Free Windows Server Datacenter licenses when Continue Reading

Why Contributor License Agreements are Important for Legal Certainty

by Holger Dyroff posted on Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 posted in Community Let me start out by naming just a few of the important Open Source Projects that are using the Contributor License Agreements in order to assure legal certainty on a variety of levels: Like the one ownCloud uses, Continue Reading

Bring Your App to the ownCloud Marketplace

by ownCloud GmbH posted on Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 posted in Community Today we are excited to announce the inception of the ownCloud Marketplace, which will be available in early 2017! Developers from the community have been approaching us for a marketing platform, so the idea of the marketplace is Continue Reading

MailEnable Version 9.17 Release

RSS: MailEnable Version 9.17 Release MailEnable version 9.17 for Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Premium Editions is available for download from the MailEnable Web Site. The following change list outlines changes in version 9.17: RECENT CHANGES FIX: XXE vulnerability in administration program when fetching RSS feed. Thanks to Dawid Golunski ( Continue Reading